Q: What type of wash does Splash N Shine offer?
Splash N Shine offers a 100% Hand Wash system delivering a high quality wash every time.

Q: Could the wash scratch my car?
At our wash only 100% non Scratching microfiber mitts are used to properly wash vehicles.

Q: Is the wash safe for convertibles?
Absolutely! We only ask that all clips be fastened properly!

Q: What is “Tri-color foaming polish”?
Tri-color foaming polish/conditioner is a high-quality foaming paint and clear coat treatment. It is prepared with a mixture of premium modern protective polymers (plastic-like coating materials), that directly bond to your vehicle’s finish to generate a hard, reflective layer of shine and protection. Every time tri-color foam is applied, the results get better. It deepens the shine and adds more protection.

Q: What is auto detailing?
Auto detailing is a specialized and unique procedure of reconditioning your vehicle to make it look new and help you maintain it that way. This is attained by using specific high-grade products which assist in this process of meticulous work. There is more to detailing than just vacuuming and waxing. It is about maintaining the excellence of the interior as well as the exterior of your car against excessive wear and tear. The process begins with, cleaning all surfaces inside and out with professional products. While no vehicle can look new forever, having your vehicle cleaned and detailed on a regular basis ensures a longer life.

Q: How often should I detail my vehicle?
It is recommended to detail your car atleast 3 times a year. However, the more you use your car, the more frequent detailing is recommended. The more frequently you use your vehicle it is exposed to nature’s elements. Such things include the suns UV rays which damage paint over time, road grime, pollution, and salt used during the winter season. In order to keep your vehicle in pristine condition it requires that you wax and polish the surfaces of your car regularly. In addition it is also recommended that you treat your vehicles interior. This is done by completely vacuuming and shampooing all of your vehicles carpets and upholstery including properly cleaning and treating leather interiors.

Q: What is wax, and why do I need to apply it?
Wax is a formula intended to provide a short-term micro-thin layer of protection to your car’s paint. Wax seals the paint thus helping protect your vehicles paint against all harmful environmental elements such as pollution, dirt, grime, tree sap, bird droppings, and damaging UV rays. All these elements rest on the wax coating instead you car’s paint surface.
At the same time, wax helps your vehicle stay cleaner, and it helps sustain the quality and prolongs the life of your paint.

Q: How do I know when my car needs waxing?
Wax is a clear material and it’s impossible to see. One way to know if your vehicle is in need of waxing is to feel its paint surface.  A surface covered with wax will feel very soft and silky-smooth to the touch. Your hand should glide without restraint along the surface. If it does not, then it is time for waxing. Another way to tell if your vehicle is in need of waxing is from its shine. Wax gives it a bright, high gloss appearance. One thing to keep in mind is that painted surfaces are susceptible to aging from weather, pollution, dirt, grime and many other environmental factors. Having your vehicle treated with wax regularly helps reduce this and prolongs the life and quality of your paint.

Q: How long does the wax last?
Normally, wax will last for three to six months. However, this will depend on how well the vehicle is maintained. To prolong the life of your wax job, clean your vehicle on a regular basis and park it under cover when/if possible.

Q: My car has a clear coat finish. Do I need to wax it?
Yes. Clear coat is a finish of clear paint applied on top of your base paint. Clear coat is vulnerable to environmental elements just like regular paint. It will become dull and will without a doubt, reduce the appearance of your vehicle if you do not properly treat it with wax regularly. We suggest the equal level of care to your clear coat finish as to a color paint finish.

Q: I bought a new car, how soon should I get it detailed?
You should wait a minimum of three months before waxing

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